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Being and Building the Beloved Community

Dr. King made a speech in the mid 1950’s that references and describes the Beloved community. 

The Beloved community is extremely important in 2024 because we have gotten so far away from a sense of community. The modern-day form of redlining known as “gentrification” has displaced and moved more 

Community for Black and brown families is our village as for many generations, our ancestors and elders believed that it takes a village to raise a child. That is why long term, steady places of origin and residency for Black and brown families is important because it’s been weaponized and taken away from us due to racism; causing many to not be connected to blood relatives, communities or villages of support. 

So we simply can’t be the Beloved community, we have to continue building our Beloved community so that we can ensure that everyone within Black and brown families who have been disenfranchised, demeaned and divided can have peace. 

The Beloved Community is more than a notion. It challenges us to go beyond the celebration of MLK Day and continue the work throughout the year to evolve, change, improve, grow and build the Beloved community that so many of our elders, ancestors, freedom fighters and leaders fought, bled and died for ensuring we could have. 

Join us in continuing to build the Beloved Community as we encourage Georgia educators, parents, teachers and communities to support the National Parents Union Georgia Parent Week of Action, “Engaging Males and Fathers in Educational Equity!”, Monday, February 5th - Saturday, February 10th. 


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