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Parents Just Don’t Understand

Driving Question: Do parents really understand their power?

Most would agree that parents are our children’s first educators. In fact, major influences after parents are our families and communities. The role of parents and adults raising school-aged children is critical.

Parent and family engagement is a nationwide dilemma that causes us to inquire why more parents aren’t actively present and engaged in schools.

The overarching focus has been the search for the masses of parents that are the caregivers of the children being suspended, expelled, labeled as failing, being pushed in special education or remedial programs, and ultimately who are being failed in schools.

I would like to challenge educational leaders, advocates, and stakeholders to consider the ways that parents are connecting to the academic success of their children and ways we can empower them to be more effective in ensuring a successful pathway for their children.

Ways Parents and Families Can Be Engaged

1. Early learning and development

2. Attendance, Promptness and Time Management

3. Uniforms and necessary school supplies

4. Getting all contact information updated

5. Getting all medical records updated

6. Be present and connected

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1 Comment

Feb 04, 2022

I appreciate the checklist. There is so much being thrown at parents from many different directions. The keys are to be supportive, keep things simple and to the point. Great insight!

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