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No Cap Analysis - Fall Edition

Ye or Nay! The Hype About Kanye West

Kanye West and his influence on Black culture is so crucial. He came into the game expressing his personal experiences, his love for being black, and his frustrations for his people.

All of his emotions were put into award winning albums and songs but we can’t deny that his influence as of late has been negative. Saying slavery is a choice, putting clothes on display during fashion week saying “White Lives Matter”, and saying that he can make anti-semitic jokes and not lose brand deals is horrid.

Equity Means Removing Mandates of High Stakes Testing

SAT and Act should not determine someone’s eligibility into college. I believe high stakes testing has been designed in order for children of color to fail. There’s no way that someone is able to consume years of knowledge on two major areas of learning, literacy and math, in such a short, timed assessment.

It’s unethical and children should be judged by the content of their character and how they can contribute to the college’s study body and community.

A Poet’s Heart

As a poet myself I feel like poetry helped me express my frustrations and compassions when I wasn’t able to audibly speak towards them, so I think poetry classes should be suggested to advance literacy.

Heal the World, Be Mindful of Climate Change!

Currently at my school, we are speaking about climate change. Our teachers are intentional about talking to us about how our world could look very different by as early as the year 2030.

It’s very crucial for children to know that climate change is real! Most importantly, it’s important for us to be engaged in changing the way we live now so that we can be responsible for the role we play and contribute to changing it.

We never know, it may be a child in one or our classrooms who will figure out the solution to improving climate control.


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